For International Hobby Modelers visiting my humble hut

** For Any modeler who visit my blog through ARC Discussion Forum **

On examining what website has referred to my blog, I’ve found that my humble hut was honorably introduced by JackMan from ARC forum.

As an ARC freak, who have subscribed some articles to ARC before, (eg. F/A-18C VMFA-232 Red Devils and F-14D Black Tomcat, you can check them out~!) I’m so honored to have my blog disclosed to all aircraft builders.

I’ve re-assigned the category menu into English for international modelers visiting my blog. I hope this helpful to access my blog for all of you. (I have an intention to re-write all modeling articles in English)

Although this is a room for my Korean Friends and myself, basically, it is undoubtedly welcomed to communicate with international modellers all the time. If you have any question on the works shown here, do not hesitate and contact me. I really want to get along with all modelers around the world. (Posting English comments on the article will be OK, absolutely)

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