Who does “HJ modeling” mean?

H J modeling (飛行機靑春, formerly “Seriously Light Modeler”) is a way of plastic hobby modeling, which can read as following :

  • HJ‘s modeling
  • Hobby Jet modeling
  • Happy Jet modeling
  • Humble Jet modeling, or
  • Hot Jet modeling.

Depending on how you feel about my works, you can read it as,

  • Hot Junk modeling, or
  • Holy Jxxt(?) modeling”… XD

Who am I?

  • 이름 : 쭝
  • 태어난 때 : 1977년 (만 46세)
  • 태어난 곳 : 서울
  • 사는 곳 : 서울
  • 가족관계 : 집사람, 딸, 아들
  • 하는 일 : 회사원
  • 좋아하는 것 : 장난감(비행기, 총), 영화보기, 여행가기
  • 할 줄 아는 것 : 엉덩이 비비고 오래 앉아 있기, 아들 장난감 빼앗아서 놀기
  • 영 못하는 것 : 요리, 식물 키우기
  • 모형 경력 : 약 20년(예전에 쓴 수필 참조). 다만, 게을러서 실력은 어느 수준에서 크게 늘지 못하고 있음.
  • 에어브러시 : (‘01.6월~’19.12월) Richpen Apollo 113C / (‘20.1월~) Iwata HP-CH, HP-CP
  • 장래 희망 : 넓은 집에서 개인 작업실 차려놓고 즐겁게 살다가 편안히 죽는 것

Welcome to HJmodeling.com!

I am HJ Yun, a 46-year-old “common” office worker who you may meet in any hustle-bustle big Asian cities. Born, raised and living in Seoul, South Korea, I have my own family with a wife and two kids (daughter and son). Since 2003, I have worked for a government-owned company established for promoting trades of Korea.

Although I like all kinds of toys, my interest lies mainly on plastic hobby models. I was a boy who liked to spend a free time in tearing off tiny plastic parts from sprues (with my teeth) and putting them together (with cheap, yellow, and nose-running-like glue!). After a decade’s leave from a hobby modeling, caused by a world-famous burden of study all Korean middle- and high-school students ought to bear, I re-started to build plastic airplanes since 2001. As I am still young and busy in working, it is hard for me to keep this hobby going on, but I really hope to share a pleasure that a hobby modeling brings to me with other modelers around the world.

Other things I’m doing well, include writing reports for work (i.e. an essential skill to survive as a office worker), sitting without moving (i.e. great morale for modelers), and chatting with others about trivial things. Unfortunately, my hands that are quite skillful at handling tiny plastic stuffs, often kill plants my wife grow, or show an extreme inability in cooking.

HAPPY Jet modeling and browsing!
HJ Yun

Site History

  • 1998. 02. xx : 설날 연휴에 심심해서 개인 웹사이트 ‘A Better Tomorrow’ 제작 (주제: 오우삼, 주윤발, 영웅본색)
  • 1998. 04. xx : A Better Tomorrow 사이트 공식 개장
  • 2001. 08. 13 : 딴지일보의 요청으로 딴지일보 ‘추억영화 우원회’에 영화 ‘영웅본색’ 추억글 기고
  • 2001. 12. 01 : 취미모형 웹사이트 ‘뱅기청춘’ 개장
  • 2002. 07. 01 : 20세기 폭스 코리아의 초청으로 영화 ‘윈드토커즈’ 국내 시사회(대한극장)에 참여. 내한한 오우삼 감독을 웹사이트 단골 방문자들과 함께 알현(!)하고 기념품 증정.
  • 2002. 07. 06 : 신변잡기 웹사이트 ‘Myself’ 개장
  • 2005. 04. 19 : 웹호스팅을 m…..com으로 이전
  • 2005. 04. 20 : 개인 웹사이트 도메인을 기존 johnwoo.pe.kr에서 morehj.com으로 변경
  • 2006. 04. 08 : 3개 웹사이트를 하나의 블로그 ‘Seriously Light Modeler’로 통합 (블로그 저작도구 : 태터툴즈)
  • 2013. 12. 17 : 웹호스팅을 c….com으로 이전
  • 2013. 12. 20 : 블로그 저작도구를 기존 텍스트큐브(옛 태터툴즈)에서 WordPress로 변경
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  • 2020. 01. 07 : 웹사이트 도메인(morehj.com)과 사이트 이름(Seriously Light Modeler)을 HJ modeling(hjmodeling.com)으로 변경 (assisted by a technical expert from kmong.com)
  • 2020. 10. 10 : Wellington Pro 테마 정식 도입 (from ThemeZee.com)
  • 2020. 11. 28 : 웹호스팅을 f….com 으로 이전 (SSL 도입)
  • Feb. xx, 1998: Made just for fun during a holiday of Lunar New Year, ‘A Better Tomorrow’ test-open. This site was a private fan site dedicated to John Woo (a movie director born in Hong Kong and successfully moved to Hollywood), Chow Yun-Fat (an actor) and their 1986’s movie ‘A Better Tomorrow’
  • Apr. xx, 1998: ‘A Better Tomorrow’ officially open.
  • Aug. 13, 2001: Article on ‘A Better Tomorrow’ (movie and fan site) submitted and posted in Ddanzi-ilbo (web-based lampoon magazine in Korea) at their request.
  • Dec. 01, 2001: 2nd website dedicated to hobby modeling, ‘뱅기청춘'(Youth for planes), open.
  • Jul. 01, 2002: Invited by the 20th Century Fox Korea, attended a premier of a John Woo’s new movie, “Windtalkers”, and met him to present a custom-made statue and a portrait.
  • Jul. 06, 2002: 3rd website dedicated to private life and thoughts, “Myself”, open.
  • Apr. 19, 2005: Web hosting moved to m—
  • Apr. 20, 2005: Domain name changed from johnwoo.pe.kr to hjmodeling.com
  • Apr. 08, 2006: 3 websites integrated into one blog, ‘Seriously Light Modeler’ with Tattertools (currently, Textcube)
  • Dec. 17, 2013: Web hosting moved to c—
  • Dec. 20, 2013: Blogging tool changed from Textcube (formerly, Tattertools) to WordPress
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